Do you have an old, rotten or dirty spa cabinet?

Our cabinet restoration will remove an old rotten or dirty spa cabinet from an existing spa unit and replace it with a beautiful Highwood cabinet.

This cabinet restoration comes is available in 3 colors and there is an option of two corners – a flex corner that bends to handle any 5-12” radius or a square corner that would be chosen if you are replacing a square spa cabinet with sharper corners. The restoration is designed to work on any spa with a maximum cabinet height of 33” and a maxi-mum corner to corner dimension of 96” long.

•    Makes your old spa brand new
•    We use the same material that is found on new spas
•    Worry free: Leave it outside all year long through sunshine, rain and ice
•    Durable: Proven in the harshest climates (from the ice of Alaska to the heat of Arizona, from mountains to salty coastal regions)
•    Stainless hardware: Built with 304 grade stainless steel hardware
•    Environmentally friendly: Our products save forests, do not require stains or chemicals and are made in a factory running solar energy
•    Peace of mind: Backed by a 12-year residential / 2-year commercial limited warranty

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